A Mini Guide And Safety Tips For Using A Reciprocating Saw

A Mini Guide And Safety Tips For Using A Reciprocating Saw

For cutting wood, metal, plastic, cast iron and ceramic tiles and other small structures, one of the best tools to ensure your Do It Yourself or renovation project’s success is the reciprocation saw. 

It uses a powerful push and pull mechanism that drives the saw bladed attached to it back and forth at incredibly high speeds, cutting different materials like they are butter. The machine are more commonly used by construction workers on demolition sites or when renovating.

The saw blade machine is primarily designed for cutting through strong materials that are used in construction such as metal and wood.The overall mechanism of the machine ensure an efficient and effective cut, reducing the time it usually takes workers to cut or smash through these materials using traditional tools and resources.

7 Vital Tips For Using Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocation saw are one of the most useful tools you can get your hands on when it comes to making effective and quick, clean and crude cuts on wood, metal and plastic, and even dry walls.

Man cutting metal pipes with reciprocating saw

However, when it comes to using these powerful machines, one of the most important things is safety. In light of this, mentioned below are some safety tips for using reciprocating saw.

When you talk about using electric or battery operated power tools for cutting, you need to ensure you are absolutely safe and that the environment you are using the machine in is safe for other workers.

In regards to this, here are some very critical safety tips you absolutely must implement whenever you use a reciprocating saw blade:

1. Buy A Reciprocating Saw Blade That Suits Your Requirements

This is a very important factor to consider for making sure you aren't injured or the chances of any accidents using a saw are kept to a minimum. There are plenty of people who would rather go for a feature-packed saw blade because well it has so many different options and functionalities in it.

However, this can be a wrong approach, especially when you plan to using the saw frequently. Instead of going for the best one, you should invest in a saw that you can use comfortably and without causing a debilitating accident. Look for a product that is designed with features and functionalities that you require.

Moreover, you have to make sure that saw is easy to store and carry around the workplace and operates just as smoothly.

In addition, never start using the saw right off the bat, take some time to read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow each instruction down to the last letter.

Cutting wooden planks with reciprocating saw

2. Try To Keep The Area You’re Working In Safe And Secure

It is important to use the reciprocation saw in areas that are adequately lit. That is because you need to ensure your safety as well as the safety of all the others that are working in the same area.

Before you start the reciprocation saw, it is important to remove everything from the area you are planning to work on. For example, if you are cutting a metal pole, look for things that are placed around it and clear everything before cutting the pole.

If you are working on a DIY project at home, it is absolutely vital that you clear everyone from the area – your kids or pets for example. Always operate the saw on a decluttered and stable platform.

3. Buy Good Safety Gear

Nothing is important than to wear the right safety gear when operating a reciprocating saw. Wear safety goggles, a dust mask, gloves and overalls is vital to ensure you don’t accidentally injure or self.

Construction safety gear

And because the blade reciprocates back and forth at incredibly high speeds, you can expect dust, debris and small fragments from flying in the air. The debris can get in your eyes or mouth.

Moreover, it is also necessary that avoid wear loose clothing or any type of jewelry that can get stuck in the saw machine.

4. Balance Is Key

When operating a reciprocation saw, you need to stay firm and balanced and make sure you are holding the saw as firmly as you can.

Never use the saw with just one hand. Use both hands and grip the machine tightly because you will experience some recoil. Moreover, you have to ensure the blades you are using to cut any material are the right types and are sharp enough to easily cut it.

A blade that has lost its sharpness can become very dangerous because you will end up having to press the blade against the material with excess force, which could break the blade clean off and injure you.

5. Electrical Safeguard

As most reciprocating saw are electric-powered, this is all the more reason you have to be careful where and how you use the power tool. For example, whenever you are plugging the cord in the socket, make sure the switch for the socket is turned off.

Moreover, refrain from yanking the cord – jerking or pulling it out of the socket when you are in the middle of cutting wood or metal. When the saw is switched on and you have to move around the place, carry the cord with you instead of dragging it.

6. Use The Saw Adequately

The key to successfully and safely using a reciprocating saw is gentleness and patience.

Never try to thrust the saw when cutting or apply a huge amount of force on the blade. If you can’t a place to make a cut, refrain from overreaching. Turn the machine off and grab a stool.

Woman cutting wood with reciprocating saw in wood shop

7. Keep Both Your Hands As Far Away From The Blade As Possible

There have been plenty of mishaps and accidents in the workplace with the reciprocation saw as workers often forget not to place their hand near to the saw while cutting anything.

Bottom Line

So there you go – some really important safety tips for using reciprocation saw that you must follow to be safe and eliminate the chances of any mishaps at the workplace or at home.

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